Product Name : IAC 103 OBD Tracker

GPS Tracker Mini Size with GSM/GPS/OBD
Key highlighted features

Industrial class components with high quality

OBD II/EOBD, J1939 and J1708 compliant

Plug & Play technology

Comprehensive data collection and analysis, including diagnostic data

Location data and driving behavior data

3 Functions Real-time tracking

Reads diagnostic data, including vehicle speed, RPM, ECT etc.

Read diagnostic trouble codes and freeze frame data

Mileage statistic Fuel consumption statistic

Driving behavior monitoring, including over speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh deceleration, excessive engine idle time etc

Up to 24,000 GPS data storage depends on configuration

Ignition on/off detection

Vehicle battery monitoring

Base station ID report (when no GPS signal)

Internal battery unplug notification

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