ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System)

ADAS : The Circle of safety

The device built in with independent research and development of the core image intelligent processing algorithm uses AI and Machine Learning.
This system is a parking assist system, which provides the road condition of the blind area around the vehicle to reduces the unnecessary loss.
DVR with in-built GPS device based on vehicle video monitor system. Using camera to capture the video in real-time, combined with 3G/4G wireless Video real-time transmission and GPS real time locating, to achieve real-time tracking and video dynamic monitoring. Now you may record your in-vehicle fun activities moments with IAC 10004 DVR and enjoy your trip.
Driver Fatigue System, proudly developed by IAC (Indian Auto Company), is a smart device, based on the face detection algorithm, to detect the fatigue and distraction for the driver, when at driving status. The device can make the real-time alarm for the driver to make sure the driver back into the safety state.

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