IAC introduced
Certified devices as per AIS140 standard
With GPS + IRNSS module

IAC140 CAN & IAC140 IR is a high-performance IRNSS-enabled GNSS module, capable of acquiring and tracking GPS, IRNSS, GLONASS, and QZSS signals. It is designed to support the Indian NavIC (formerly IRNSS) constellation L5 signal simultaneously with GPS L1 and SBAS.

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ICAT Certified

ICAT India’s leading world class automotive testing certification and R&D service provider under the umbrella of NATRip. Indian Auto Company provides the ICAT approved GPS tracking devices.

Access form anywhere

Indian Auto Company provides the best solution for your fleet needs, our device agnostic platform lets you access you fleet data from anywhere anytime.

Detailed Maps

Our fleet management software uses India’s new Navic IRNSS satellite which provides the most accurate and advanced positioning of your fleet & field personals allowing you to closely monitor their activities.

Easy-to-use dashboards

Indian auto company Track pro is an irreplaceable tool in your fleet manager pocket. With easy to use dashboard, it provides a quick view of your fleet performance, show vehicle idle time and many more features at your comfort zone for your business exceptional growth.

    Device Features